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Kim, Mother of Amber, 8, Jared, 10, and Shelby, 15
“After struggling in school for two years with not being able to focus and
regulate his behaviour, my son, Garret, after 8 weeks on Isagenix nutritional
shakes has not had one incident since September.   Normally, he would have at
least one incident a day and sometimes multiple!  He school recommended I get
him on a popular drug to help maintain his focus, I chose Isagenix instead. He is
able to focus and moderate his own energy so he can get the most out of his
studies and relationships at school.  We have noticed the change at home
also.  All our kids now take the Isagenix shakes in the morning as their step
towards achieving optimal health!”

Kim, (married, mom of 3) UPDATE
Here it is a year later…a shake a day, you said. I almost didn't believe, well
now, I am a believer. Here are our results: Garrett (age 10) NO incidents in
school, he was in control of his behaviour all year; Amber (age 9) and Shelby
(age 15) both brilliant...even more so now, Darren (age 46), began just last
week. And me, at age 42, I released 25 pounds, I have more energy and
patience than ever before, and, well, I am happy. The stressors of life are still
there, but I am very happy. Thank you for your support, your coaching and
most of all your friendship.

Emily (age 10)
I got a B, I got a B! I never did that before!

Emily's Mom
I cried last night. I cried because my 10 year old didn't call me into the tub to
help her "wash". You see, for as long as I can remember I have had to come
into the bathroom and help her wash the folds of her skin, she was so
overweight, she couldn't even reach. Now, tonight, she got in and out with out
me. I looked at her with curious eyes and she said with a smile, "I can reach
mama, I can do it all by myself. I guess I am getting skinnier!". Thank you

Allison (married mom of 3)
I got a new husband! I got a new husband! And I didn't even have to dump the
one I have! Barbilee, since starting with you, my
dinner-be-in-bed-by-10" husband is now my "come-home-from-
kids-AND-bath-them-too-in-bed-by-11" husband!! The kids love the shakes
(even the baby), I love the shakes and I can't wait to start my full cleaning
program when I stop nursing.

Diane (Married, mom of 3 grandmother to 4)
Barry and I want to express our gratitude to you an your family. You have been
such an inspiration and a blessing. The nutritionals of course are amazing. We
want to thank you for showing us how we can help others, like you have helped
us, and get paid for it. What a blessing. I have to say, life is pretty hectic, but
I have to say, the stressors, the one's that used to bring me to my knees in
tears, now only bring me to my knees in prayer. I can handle it, i know my
grown children must make their own choices, and I, I know I can handle

Dywayne (married, father of 2)
Lose weight? Not me. 10 pounds of pure muscle! At 42 I can out play my
nephews (both in their early 20's) in hockey and basketball. My girls have had
only well days in the last couple of years AND our eating habits have imporved
so much that our grocery bill is about 2/3 of what it used to be. I was looking
for a "shake" and I found a new life. Thanks.

Doreena, Mother of Mathew, 6 and Danielle, 8
“I will NEVER do that again. I switched from Barbilee's brand to another brand
and within a week both kids were sick! They were home for days! Never again.
They are back on the track and I know I will never do that again.”

Sean, age 14
“At first, my mom MADE me take my shakes, now I get up every morning and
make my own. I like them, I never thought I would, but I really do. And I feel
great when I have them for breakfast, after school or even as a late night
snack. And my friends are bugging me so much about my size anymore either,
that is pretty cool.”

Lynsey, age 18
“At first, I thought, NO WAY! My “mom” said, “WAY”. So I did and OMG! What a
difference! Happy, sleeping better, my jeans aren’t so tight AND my skin looks

Rydel, 12 and Taylor Rae, 9
“In the beginning, Mom made us. But after about a week or so, we were asking
for our shakes. It has been 3 years now and boy are we different. No sick days,
very little junk food, no fast food, no soda and the funny thing is...we don’t
even want it! We love our shakes, we love our vitamins and the protein
bars...WAY BETTER than chocolate bars!”

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