California to Florida
I can't believe we traveled across the bottom of the United States in just one month! We left
Irvine and spent a week in San Diego doing all kind of fun things. Then we headed for
Florida stopping at a bunch cities along the way.

We stopped in different cities and visited science centers, museums and some fun things
along the way. In one city we even found the this really amazing park by luck called
Pleasure Island.
This is me at Sea World petting
a dolphin. We held out a hand
and they would come up to us,
we fed them a fish then petted
them. He felt like wet rubber!
This is Ellie, she is a baby otter.
When we saw her she was only
27 days old! She looked like a
little fuzz ball when she was dry.
This is a Panda Bear at the San-
Diego zoo. Panda Bears are an
endangered species. When we
went to go see the Panda Bears
we had to be quiet so that they
could feel like they were in there
normal habitat.I took this picture.
San Diego