Project #1
Since we are home schooled we still have to do school work. One of the things we had
to do was a project. I did a power point and a diorama about space. I put only some of
the things that I know into this project. Also part of this project was that we had to do
an oral presentation. We went down to the pool and I presented it to a lady. I could tell
that she loved it and learned a lot.

Here is me presenting my project:
But life isn't all about work, we also get to play. We went to the Kissimmee fair on
Rodeo day to have fun. Rodeo day is a day off from school for the kids in the US. It
wasn't that busy until 5 o'clock. It was a neat little fair. They had rides that twisted and
turned you, there was also a ride that was called Rock N Roll. Every one sat on a seat
the size of a couch (you could fit up to 3 people) and it would spin really fast and if you
were in the middle you would get squished from the g-force. That was fun. My favorite
ride was the Gravetron 3000. This one used G-force but in a different way. Every one
stood up against a board and when we were at a certain speed we would jump up and
our boards would slide to the top and you would literally stick to the board. If the ride
wasn't very full, you could take up 3 boards and turn side ways. That is awesome!
This is my power point.
This is my diarama. If you look
really closely, you can see the
planets and stars.
On the different
flaps, I wrote
down some
Like how many
moons each
planet has, how
far away from
the sun it is and
other things.
Here is us on the slide.
We also got to go through fun houses.
Have you ever seen this?
A double decker carousel!
We also got to see a girl
balance on top of this pole!
Kissimmee Fair