Fun in the Sun!
School in Disneyland!
School in Disneyland!
Year 2007
The beginning of our adventure...
My mom and dad are at a confrence in Las Vegas
while my sister and I go to Lake Tahoe.
We move into our apartment. It has its own pool
and a mini playground. We can swim, play tennis,
go to the lake and more!
October, OMG! Where do I begin? We went to California Adventure
for information on local Agriculture as part of our home schooling.
Our family went on a Mexican Riviera Cruise and when we came
back our grandparents took us to a Discovery Center. Plus there is
local pool we get to go to called Blue Lake!
Going to Disneyland, thanksgiving, my
cousins came to visit, and my birthday!
WOW! going to the beach, different
museums, Christmas, New Years and