JAnuary 08
When we got the Dominican Republic, we made friends right away. We met Doreena,
Michael and their kids Danielle and Matthew. Evon and Steven next door, Jerry the door
man, Jeannette from Quebec, Corinne and David and their son Cedric from Montreal,
and Jena, a little French girl.

After about 2 weeks of being there, Evon and Steven left and Doreena, Michael and the
kids moved in. It was really nice because they were right there when we wanted to play
with them. We played with them almost every day till there bedtime.

While we where there we snorkeled in the
pool, had Spanish lessons from Steven,
went to 3 different beaches, played in the
pool a lot, stargazed, went to cavenrns, and
rode a
gondola to the top of a mountain!

On our second week in the DR, my mom's friend Darleen came to visit us. It was great
having her.
In the Dominican Republic we made alot
of sand castles. This one is my favorite.