January 08
January 08
gondala ride
While Darleen was with us, we rode a gondala to the top of a mountain.
Doreena, Michael and the kids came with us too.When we first got up, there was
a gift shop and on top of it was a big statue of Jesus. He has his hands open wide
because the people believe he is protecting us when he is like that. The day we
went it was foggy so sometimes when you saw the statue it looked like Jesus was
floating above the building. On the mountain, there was a nature walk and we
saw lots of colorful flowers, something that looked like ancient ruins, and a little
restaurant thing that wasn't used anymore. We also saw a old fountain that dosent
work any more and some fish.
Here is some of the flowers.
Yes, the purple ones are real!
This is the Jesus on the top
of the gift shop on the hill.