Are you looking for a way to...
Add value to your clients?
Increase client retention?
Stand out from your comeptitors?
Increase your bottom line without increasing your over head?

Then our partnership program is for you!

We are activley looking for businesses who want all that and MORE!

We invite you to take a look at our
Powerful Partnerships
A program designed with your business in mind.

2 Partnership Programs available

1. Little Black Dress Event
2. Never Diet Again!

1.Is this a full blown sales presentation?
No! These are information sessions hosted by professional cleanse coaches
with Isagenix International. There is an opportunity for your clients to order
the products at the end of the event if they choose. There will be no
products available for sale at the event, everything ordered will be shipped
directly to the client, there will be nothing for you to do but collect your
referral fees from us. This event is about educating your clients on the
benefits of nutritional cleansing and to encourage them think of your
establihment when they are ready to begin their own optimal health journey.

2. Will my clients recieve worthwhile benefits from attending?
Oh yes! This information session is about empowering people to stop digging
thier grave with their own knife and fork. We will touch on how to eat better
and live a healtheir lifestyle simply by adding even one healthy thing to their
daily routine.

3. How will this increase my bottom line without increasing my
We have a generous referral payment plan that can either be a one time thing
or a continual source of income for you. Our system is set up so that your
work is to "do what you are already doing", talk to your clients about being
better, more beautiful, more vibrant, etc and encourage them to attend your
upcoming events. We provide the professional coaches, we host the events,
we empower your clients with life changing information and our customer
service department handles all inquiries etc. We are not saying you do nothing
and we do everything, but we have designed our system is to integtrate your
business with ours, seamlessly and effortlessly. We are a full service,
complimentary value added program for you and your clients.

4. How soon can we hold our first event?
Call our office and speak directly with Barbilee (780 240 6823). She will book
your next event at a time and date that is convenient for both of us.

Partnerships make Cent$
Real Results!
Canada 780.240.6823
U.S. 925.2(46.5326)
Invite your clients to a 45 min Little Black Dress Event.
They will either wear or bring their favourite Little Black Dress.
Your clients will learn how to Feel Better in their Little Black Dress.

Invite your clients to learn how to Never Diet Again in less than 45 mins.

During both of these events your clients will be introduced to the
Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning Systems. (

1. Provide the promo sign for the front the desk,
2. Create and send you a persoanl template for the invites & reminders
3. Offer a professional cleanse coach / party host for the event
4. Coach & support your clients who choose to begin our program.

1. Advertise to your clients in house and via newsletters etc.
2. Provide the space and "refreshments" (cost of about $2 a person)
3. Will recieve referral income from orders placed from your clients AND
you have the opportunity to receive continued residual income.