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The Hemmings’ Family Adventure

October 20, 2007

WOW! So much has happened since the last time we wrote. Yes, it has been a while, but when we tell you all our amazing news, you will understand why.


The most exciting thing this last month was we took a 7 day cruise in the Mexican Riviera (October 6-13). What an a amazing experience! But it wasn’t just a cruise, it was a 7 day floating seminar with world renowned speakers like Bob Proctor, Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith (pictured on the left), Mark Victor Hansen, etc. It was the Law of Attraction at Sea! All 2000 people on the boat, from all over the world came to celebrate and learn more secrets about the Law of Attraction and other universal principles. Wow, can you just feel the energy?


Although the cruise was unbelievable with the speakers and the sessions, I have to say the highlight of the cruise was on October 9 at 9 AM, on the 11th deck of our ship, with Michael Beckwith presiding, Dywayne and I renewed our vows.

Thank you Isagenix for the vehicle to live out our dreams. We are truly blessed!

Renewing Our Vows

Long story short, Dywayne and I decided it was time to renew our vows. One big reason was my ring was too big...I seemed to have released a bunch of weight recently (LOL) and Dywayne lost his at the gym. It was the universe’s way of saying, “it’s time, don’t wait until next year”. When Dywayne told me he had lost his ring, I closed my eyes and immediately saw the ocean, the sun, and Michael Beckwith blessing us. I opened my eyes, told him what I saw (funny thing is, we hadn’t even booked the cruise yet!) and got the ball rolling. We found rings on EBay - a fabulous couple out of Spanish Forks, Utah makes Titanium rings to size. They put a rush in to make the rings, they overnight expressed them to us (we got them Friday) and we left on the cruise Saturday AM. Tuesday we were remarried. It was amazing. Rydel and Taylor Rae sang When You Say Nothing at All by Allison Kraus, and a man, whom we had met just 30 minutes before, serenaded us with You are so Beautiful by Joe Cocker.  I cried through the whole thing. (Pictures are posted on Facebook). What a magical experience!

The amazing thing is...while we were gone, our Isagenix business continued to flourish! I LOVE NETWORK MARKETING! We would like to send a warm welcome the following new team members:


Jason from Alberta                Shenise from California

Shelley from Alberta             Morgan from Alberta

Shirley from Alberta              Yomi from Alberta

Alicja from Alberta                Bunny from Alberta

Sandy from Ontario               Reta from Alberta

Terri from California             Kim from Alberta

Krista from Alberta                DJ from Alberta

Tonya from Alberta               Jason from Alberta

Omar from Alberta                Robert from Alberta

Corrine from Alberta             Carmela from Saskatchewan


Congratulations team! Keep up the great work!

Links to read more about our adventure:


Still in Southern California

Did you know…



One cup of strawberries has more vitamin C than an orange. They are also an excellent source of fibre which helps your body maintain normal blood sugar levels.



There are only two reasons why a prospect will say no to you; either he does not believe you or he does not understand. You must take responsibility for both.

Things that made us giggle

at the LA county fair...

Traveling update

We are in Irvine, CA until the end of November.


We will be heading South to San Diego for most of November, then East to Arizona for Christmas.


Our intention is to spend 3 weeks in Mazatlan in January.


Any suggestions for places for us to visit?

For more pictures of our trip to Mexico, please check out our photos on Facebook.

Text Box: We are so happy and grateful now that we are living the life we have dreamed about, living as a family unit, loving each moment together and exploring this amazingly abundant world!

Please forward this newsletter to your team members.

Sat. Oct. 27, at the Westwood Inn Best Western, 18035 Stony Plain Rd

9:30 - 10:00 Registration

10:00 - 12:30 Product and Business Presentation

1:00 - 4:00 Associate Training

Please call Jeri Kelli to register.  780-474-3821.

Pre register and it’s $10 (OR $15 At the door)






You can find ALL company and executive listed events in your back office under EVENTS.

We just renewed our vows!




Text Box: How do we do this?
Everyday I awake in awe of how we are on this amazing adventure. Isagenix has allowed us to live the life of our dreams. People ask how we do it, how are we able to travel and run a business at the same time. I tell them it is simple, as long as I have a computer and a phone, I am in business. 
Do you have a phone?

Leadership calls

Are you ready to be more successful with Isagenix?

Are you ready to know what is best for your program?

Are you ready to share this wonderful company with those around you?

Then this is for you!

Calling all associates (and those of you on the fence about joining us). I am starting a new Leadership Series of calls on Tuesday, October 30, 2007 at 7:00 PM PST. There will be 4 calls, each 30 minutes in length. The next 3 calls will be Mondays Nov 5, 12 & 19. Each call is designed to give you the basics you need to be successful with Isagenix. There is a 30 minute commitment to the call and 30 minutes of “Success Steps” to be completed after. Whether you are a business builder or a product user, these calls are a MUST! 

I can only take 15 people in each call so if you want to be successful with your Isagenix program, you need to be on these calls. First come first enrolled. 

Email me NOW and put in the subject line “Oct 30, I’m in!”. I will confirm your enrolment as soon as possible. 

Remember, I can only take 15 people, email me NOW.


On the cruise in one of Bob Proctors sessions he said something that really struck me. And I quote:


“Go as far as you can see, then you will see the way to go further.

Know where you are going, then know you will get there. The how is not up to you.”

Surrender, just surrender.

Quotes worth mentioning from the Bob Proctor Cruise sessions:

“Full tilt YES!”

“You only earn $100,000 a year because you are not aware that you can earn that in a month”

“A blade of grass will grow through cement if it feels the light.”

“Get good at what you do, then get help doing it.”

“Great power is unleashed when you make a decision.”

“Your pain pushes you, your passion pulls you.”


One of my favs: when setting a goal or intention always add:

“...this or something better and to the best of all involved.”

Text Box: If you asked me what I came here to do, I will tell you that I came to live out loud!
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