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The Hemmings’ Family Adventure

November 20, 2007

Education for the Girls

We have been asked many times, “What are the girls doing for school?” I heard a great name for what we are doing...it is called “unschool” So let me tell you about our “unschool”…


ART: The Disney artists at California Adventure have been kind of enough to have daily classes to teach us (okay and the other guests) how to draw some really classic characters.


SCIENCE: The Orange County Astronomers club has been kind enough to offer Star Gazing evenings. They have brought out their huge telescopes, pointed them to the night sky and shared with us their infinite knowledge of our amazing galaxy. We have seen Jupiter (and 4 of her moons), a nebulous (that is a star in the making), the moon, many different stars that were called M15, M24, M39 etc, the milky way, Vega, and so many others up close and personal. The girls got to meet Dr Tracy Caldwell, one of the 7 astronauts of the Space Shuttle Endeavour who just returned from her mission to the Space Station this past August. We have been to an amazing presentation about the formation of the universe AND we met Wally Pacholka (www.Astropics.com) and saw some of his AMAZING photography of the night sky. AND we bought a family year membership to an affiliate of about 100 museums across North America.


SOCIAL STUDIES: In early October, we studies Mexico...up close. We got some books from the library on history and culture, we got some Learn Spanish CDs then we went to Mexico to see it up close and personal.


MATH: A little more traditional here...Mad Minutes and daily problem solving are on the lesson plans for right now. But I guess, money conversion in Mexico, understanding the Canadian Dollar against the “Greenback”, calculating if we have enough time to ride “just one more ride” before the traffic gets too much and even keeping their “play money” balance sheet up to date is good math.

PE: Tennis, swimming, biking, scootering, rollerblading, dancing, you name it. Oh yeah, and dancing the Happy Dance daily!

MUSIC: Dywayne is teaching them. They have a keyboard, a guitar and a couple of recorders. I have offered to teach them Mary Had a Little Lamb on the phone, but so far no takers!

LANGUAGE: The girls have been keeping up with their websites, writing postcards home, keeping their journals, searching for and reading websites about the stuff that they are interested in, and of course, they still both read feverishly.

Well, that about covers the “structured part of our days. We’ll keep you posted!

Thank you Isagenix for the vehicle to live out our dreams. We are truly blessed!

In the last 30 days our team has grown but we individually have shrunk! LOL! We would like to send a warm welcome the following new team members:


Penny M from Alberta                   Julie D from California

Sharon A from Alberta                  Bob D from California

Gregory S from Alberta                 Anne S from Alberta

Gary A from Alberta                       Julie G from Quebec

Misty U from Manitoba


Congratulations team! Keep up the great work team!

Links to read more about our adventure:


Still in Southern California

Did you know…




A study in the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis found that American’s are consuming 30% of their calories from “junk food”. Dr. Block, who conducted the study said, “It's no wonder there is an obesity epidemic in this country.”




If it is not fun...find another way to do it!

Testimonial of the Month  ~  Heather T,  Alberta

Traveling update


We had a wonderful week long visit from my niece and her husband and their two outstanding children Ethan and Aspen. It was so much fun to see Disneyland (for our 15th time since we have been here) through the eyes of the children… my niece included! (She just celebrated her 25th birthday this week!)

How cool is this…fill up with gas and watch the news!

Text Box: We are so happy and grateful now that we have discovered that we are Financially Free! The definition of Financial Freedom is “when your passive income is greater than your expenses” 
That is so us! WOW we love our life!

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On one side of the road was the home depot and on the other side was the bank, the grocery store, etc...and at the lights...there was NO PEDESTRIAN CROSSING! Honestly! It had those signs that had the red line through the person. So we looked around and the next nearest light was at least a block away. One of those “mall” blocks! So what did we do? Well if the girls had their way we would have walked to the next light. If Dywayne had his way we would have got in the car and drove across the street, but I won...we waited until the light was red and we RAN FOR IT! I LOVE this place!

Something that made us smile in Southern California.

Studying leverage and weight ratios at the Discovery Cube.




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How do you get everything you want out of life? It is truly very simple…
JUST ASK! Know what you want and ask for it. Who do you ask? Who knows, but it is said that you are just 2 people away from everything you want in life. Do you know 2 people?

Leadership calls

The calls have been amazing. It is an intimate group with a LOT of learning going on. Remember, anyone can join our calls. If you are new or “experienced” in Isagenix, feel free to come on the call and learn just a little bit more. 

Our next calls will be:

Tuesday, November 27
Monday, December 3
Monday, December 10 Monday, December 17

We will then break for two weeks and we will kick it up again in January.
Year End
Ah, the time of year for family, friends and food!
Family is the one constant we have in our life. No matter what goes on in our world, no matter where we are, no matter what we do,  family is right there. 
Friends come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. 
And well food, it is here to stay. The good, the bad and the ugly! So you may as well make friends with it.  Many of you have been with me these past couple of years on my journey with food. I used to be a junk food junkie, I used to think food was an excuse for sauce, and yes, I would “hide” my potato chips from my kids. But no more, I now share my chips with my family. LOL! Actually thanks to our new “IsaLife” we can eat what we want when we want and still be fabulous! LOVE IT!

Puerto Rico for 2 months

So I was walking out of our apartment on Tuesday. I heard two guys speaking Spanish and thought, “Hey, I really want to learn Spanish!” Then my next thought was, “Hmmm how about Puerto Rico. Isagenix is there, I can still get my orders. It is hot, it has beaches, it’s perfect.” So we are planning a 2 month trip to Puerto Rico. If you have any ideas or connections or something that might help us out, we’d love to hear about it. I LOVE OUR LIFE!

Quotes worth mentioning from Bob Proctors

International Best Selling book

You Were Born Rich

“You will always receive what you truly EXPECT,

not what you ‘wish for’”

“Everything you are seeking is seeking you in return. Therefore, everything you want is already yours.

So you don’t have to get anything; it is simply a matter of becoming more aware of what you already possess”

“Wake up in the morning, thinking only of ‘ways to do the things you want to do rather than all the reasons why you can’t.”

Text Box: If you asked me what I came here to do, I will tell you that I came to live out loud!
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In May of 2007, at a time when I was worried about my summer clothes from last year feeling a bit too tight, I met an amazing lady, Barbilee. She had been successfully helping people with weight loss, so I started on the Isagenix system with her encouragement. I am excited and amazed at the result I had! I started out weighing 165lbs and within the first month I lost 10 lbs, and within 3 months I lost a total of 25 lbs! I have now maintained a total loss of 28 lbs where I am happy at 137 lbs. In addition my weight lifting aerobics, which I have done for years, has really shown it's results! I lost a total of 38 inches, 5" from my chest, 4" from my waist, 5" from my hips etc. I will warn you though, there may be side effects, all of which I had including:

              More energy, no need for coffee anymore!

              Feeling less stressed, and more happy!

              Healthy gain of muscle tone, and fewer aches and pains.

              No more cravings for junk food, I eat healthy and enjoy it!

Text Box: Life is not about the number of breaths we take, but of the number of things that take our breath away!

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