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The Hemmings’ Family Adventure

March 2008

February in Florida

If you have never been to Florida, really been to Florida, then you are missing out. Now I am not talking about going to Disneyworld or Ripley's Believe it or Not, I am talking about the REAL Florida. The wetlands, the ocean, the Everglades, the Keys, WOW!

We spent 4 weeks in Orlando and never even visited one of those “tourist traps”. The girls did a lot of school work, I spent a weekend in Los Angeles meeting some new people and helping them teach their kids about financial literacy and well, we just kind of “lived” in Orlando for a month.

The Orlando Wetlands are about 45 minutes outside of Orlando in a town called Christmas, FL. What an amazing place, it beats those “tourist traps” hands down. This is a natural wetland. There were alligators everywhere! Mammas and babies! There were Egrets, Wood Storks and a variety of other birds that we could not identify but truly appreciated. That is us below, the sign says: “Alligators present. Do not feed or harass the alligators”. Now I have to ask, who would even think of harassing the alligators?

Both the girls had oral presentations to do. Taylor Rae presented on saving our oceans and Rydel presented on our universe and what it contains. Both girls had to find an audience at the pool to watch their presentation, then hear the feedback. They were outstanding! Taylor Rae had a retired teacher in her audience and he graded her on everything...even her eye contact! She passed with flying colours. Rydel's audience was “ohhing” and “ahhing” through out. She really impressed them with her knowledge and her great presentations skills.

Alligators were on our minds a lot after the wetlands. We visited the Orlando Science Center and got to pet a baby gator! COOL! We also went to Gatorland, what a fun afternoon.

We spent a few nights in Cocoa Beach to watch the shuttle launch...OMG you have to experience one! The Kennedy Space Science Center was a 2 day event! WOW! I have to admit, this is one of those places where we could go for a week and still not take it all in. There was so much history here. And of course, after 2 days talking to real astronauts and meeting retired NASA engineers and scientists, the girls have made some new goals: Rydel—be the first woman on the moon and visit the space station for 6 weeks. Taylor Rae—be the first woman on Mars. Oh and right by the KSC is Merritt Island—more gators! More birds! More everything! Oh my!

We spent a week in the Florida Keys. It is true what they say, the sunsets in the Keys are amazing. There are two schools of thought if you listen very carefully you might here the POP of the sunset rising or the “sssss” of the sun hitting the water. Either or, it was fun to just sit and be for 30 minutes every night waiting to say goodnight to the sun. On our last night we rollerbladed along side of the Seven Mile Bridge (you know the one they “blew up” in True Lies?), very cool rollerblading over the multiple greens of the Florida Keys water. What a glorious place!

AND while all this was going on, our Isagenix team continued to grow. Have I said lately how much I absolutely LOVE my life? 

Thank you Isagenix for the vehicle to live out our dreams. We are truly blessed!

Welcome to the following new team members (all who have joined us in just the past 30 days!):


April from WA                   Roxanne from AB       

Tina from AB                       Gail from AB     

Janelle from SK                  Christina from AB

Bruce from AB                   Tanis from AB

Elsie from AB                      Aimee from AB


Congratulations team! Keep up the great work!

Links to read more about our adventure:


The Sunshine State!

Did you know…




To reduce stress have periods of silence during the day.  Silence will slow down your organs, calm your brain and increase your awareness.




Most people set un-realistic goals and get discouraged before gaining momentum. It is far better for you to set small, realistic goals.

Isagenix Family ~  Penny M,  Alberta

Where are the hemmings’


So...for those of you trying to plot out our route for us, thank you, thank you, thank you! We have received numerous emails telling us the best places to go along the East coast.   The only thing we didn’t count on was the wonderful weather. Of course we assumed it would be “a bit cold” but SNOW...right into MAY? Not my idea of fun...so we have changed course...again.


Did you know that the space shuttle is really on course only 3% of the time?


So we are doing pretty well! We only change course about every 2 months or so! LOL


So as it stands today we will be in Fort Lauderdale until May 4. (that is for sure...we have booked our timeshare already). Then we will head up the Gulf Coast of Florida. We will take about 3 weeks on the coast, then we will head back North. We expect to be in Alberta by the second week of June. We will stop in Calgary for about 3 days (who can we sleep with?) then home to Edmonton by June 15ish. (Oh I will have to tell my renters!)


Text Box: We are so happy and grateful now that our friends are seeing the benefits of slowing down and enjoying their families more.  We have been told how we are inspiring parents to put their families first, but not having to give up anything to do that. We are honoured to share this blessing with anyone who will ask. If you haven’t asked yet, please do.

Please forward this newsletter to anyone who you feel might be inspired

~ there are DO NOT FEED the alligators signs everywhere! Is feeding the gators really a problem? I want to know who feeds them and how do “they” find out? What is the fine for feeding that alligators, are you desert?

~ there are “wildlife crossing” signs all over, with pictures of snakes, turtles, racoons and eagles! At home we see moose crossing that’s it, just moose.

~ we saw a sign in Key West that said “ Key West, a great drinking town with a small fishing problem! I LOVE it!

Things that make us smile while in Southern Florida

We have learned to love the ocean. Hugs `n` fishes!




Text Box: Thomas Carlyle said...
“Doubt, of whatever kind, can be ended by action alone”
Leadership calls

WOW! Have you been on these calls? OMG! I can’t believe we get this training for FREE! What an amazing mentor we have!

Every weekday morning at 7 PST (10EST) there is a 20 min. leadership call. You will be inspired to move forward with your Isagenix day. Everyone is welcome. 

Email me and let me know that you will be joining us and I will send you the contact information. 

The Power of Play

We have been on the road for about 8 months now. We have visited many fabulous places, met many outstanding people and are having some amazing experiences. But for me, I have to say, something is missing. 

I was catching up with an good friend the other day and we talked about how important PLAY was in our lives. Now you would think that travelling all over would be PLAY but…

Play is so important in our lives. We spend so much time as Human DOINGs as opposed to Human BEINGs. We need to laugh, we need to giggle, we need to “snort” (yes that would be you), we need to PLAY!

It is spring, time for rebirth, time for new things...so if you haven’t played for a while, I challenge you to take a day and just play. Swing on a swing, go dancing with friends, rent the “Airplane” movies, (or anything with Steve Martin) and play. If you need any more ideas, just ask!

Rydel and Taylor Rae

The girls have grown so much this last year. If you haven’t supported the girls yet (with words or a purchase) please visit http://www.heyyougetreal.com/kidsdomakecents.htm

Text Box: If you asked me what I came here to do, I will tell you that I came to live out loud!
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Orlando Wetlands. DO NOT harass the gators!

School presentations

That’s a gator!

Our March Isagenix Business Update

          I want to share with you the wonderful happenings of the past few months. People are stepping up and are now ready to “do this” because they see such an opportunity here. People are starting to enrol their families and friends on a regular basis. The team is growing daily and we feel truly blessed. I see one or two new associates each day. What a wonderful thing we are doing here.

          Yes, we all do business for the money. Yes, of course, we all work to pay our bills, but let me tell you, in this business that is all secondary to the lives we are changing. Whether you believe it or not. I thought, at first, it was about the money that I could make here, ($25 000 a week!) that was crazy talk...but I  liked it! Then I started to see how many lives were being affected by what we are doing here. We are not selling soap, candles, plastic or even long distance, Isagenix is giving people back their lives. People are experiencing health and wealth like never before. We should all be truly proud to be a part of that. Please take a few minutes this month to thank the person who cared enough about you to get you started in Isagenix. Let them know how much you appreciate being given the opportunity to really have optimal health. And hey, if you are making money because of their introducing you to Isagenix, please at least buy them lunch. It is a tax deduction after all! LOL! 

          So on that note, I just want to say, Stephanie Blackbird, Paulette Squair, thank you so much for showing me Isagenix and the wonderful world that it has opened up. I knew there was so much more in this world that I could do. I want to thank you two for loving me enough to stick with me and guide me and love me. I love you both!

Text Box: BIG NEWS!
Rydel and Taylor Rae finished their very own EBOOK! Click below: 

Have you got your very own copy yet?

             Those of us that use the product are loving it. Let me start with my stepson. He's 20 years old. He was complaining that he had way to much energy now and that he might need to cut back. LOL! When I asked him this morning how he was he said great. He said his attitude was much better and that his days were going better too. He was happy that his next shipment was going to be here today.

          My husband has lost about 20 pounds and is really getting defined. He is enjoying the shakes and the IsaFruits but the Ionix is not one of his favourites. He mentioned again tonight that he is glad that he is on the program. When he misses the shake in the morning he says he feels sluggish.

          As for me I'm still enjoying being on the Health and Wellness program. I've lost 20lbs and approx 40 inches. That's amazing! I'd still like to lose more inches but all in it's time.

          Our daughter isn't to crazy about any of the products. She doesn't mind the shakes she likes real fruit in it and she like the cookies. We're going to see if she like the peanut/chocolate bars next. We are defiantly working on being an Isagenix family.

“Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they didn’t stop to enjoy it”

William Feather

The future up close!

Kennedy Space Center

Rydel & Taylor Rae's E-Book

Bahia Honda in the Florida Keys