Money ¢ent$ for Kids

Date: January 2008
From: Rydel and Taylor Rae Hemmings


You are never too young to think about money.

You are never too young to talk about money.

You are never too young to learn about money.

You are never too be rich!

"Money ¢ent$ for Kids"

Don't say, "I can't afford it"  Say...

How can I afford it?

Don't ask your parents for money,

Ask for help!




So why do you want this book?  Oh you don't just WANT this book... 


If you are still asking your parents for money.

If you are still relying on an allowance.

If you are trading your time for money at a J.O.B.

Then you NEED this book!

Learn how my sister and I made over $300 in one month to buy a new Karaoke machine

  It was so simple!

Read about how kids can earn their own income

  It is easy to understand.

Learn 7 simple money making ideas for kids

by kids!


It's not just for old people!


Did you know that out of 100 people over the age of 65,
  • 36 are dead,
  • 54 are broke,
  • 5 are still working,
  • 4 are comfortable and
  • 1 is rich (NY Times)

Where are you going to be when you are 65?

 We are going to be that 1.  

Just $10 to find out how two young Canadian girls - now 12 & 8 - were able to earn and invest over $1000 in less than 2 years.

Best of Success,

Rydel Hemmings, age 12

Taylor Rae Hemmings, age 8


We wrote our book for kids, but parents you can read it too. Just make sure your kids do the activities too.


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