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The Hemmings’ Family Adventure

January 2008

Christmas and New Year’s in Daytona Beach, Florida

What a wonderful way to spend the holidays, on a beach in Florida, I wish that everyone at some point in their lives gets to experience the excitement of this very simple thing. You see, coming for a long history of snowy “white” Christmases, a white sandy beach Christmas was kind of nice.  The white caps of the waves instead of the white capped houses of the cold. I can handle it.

We spent Christmas in a condo on the beach. All we had to do is open our drapes and their was the water crashing in to the shore. It was one of the most spectacular sites to see. The girls made a wonderful tissue paper tree on our patio door and with the ocean as the background it was stunning. So we could look outside, see the ocean, but know it was still Christmas. The girls were ecstatic.

Christmas Eve was another wonderful experience. We found a Drive In church, yes Drive In! Just like the old outdoor movies. We drove into the lot, tuned our radio to 88.5 FM, looked up at the big house and their they were, choir and all singing from the balcony! The minister did his entire piece from the balcony, the “offering” was collected by golf cart and the communion and wine were given in little plastic Dixie cups as we entered the lot. The choir sang, we honked. The minister made a joke, we honked, it was one of the most fun “church” experiences I have ever had. So if you are ever in Daytona Beach, it is right on the AIA (Atlantic Drive) just North of  Dunlawton Ave (one of the main bridges that take you to the mainland.) I highly recommend the experience.

We woke Christmas morning to gifts from Santa: binoculars for Rydel, an astronomers laser pointer for Taylor Rae and a “day at the beach (toys and margarita mix) for the family. I LOVE Santa! We all got wetsuits as a “day-before-Christmas” present so we just had to try them out. The ocean was cold, but hey it was Christmas in Florida, we had to swim. We lasted about 20 mins!

The rest of the week was a quiet week. Catching up on some school work and trying out the new wet suits.

New Year’s Eve in Daytona Beach, so what do you do with an 8 year old and an 12 year old in tow? Well, we had Chinese food for dinner, played some games, sung some Karaoke (BTW, I had the high score for the night!), then headed down to Main Street about 10 PM. The street, about 6 blocks, was all blocked off from cars, vendors were set up and there were a few thousand people hanging around. We walked around some, had some ice-cream, met some “interesting” people, watched the fireworks over the river and called it a night. Ang, my dear friend from outside of Calgary, Alberta came down so it was nice to ring in the New Year with friends and family. New Year’s Day was spent just being. Ang and I took a long walk on the beach, the girls and daddy surfed, everyone got exactly what they wanted for the New Year. Good friends, good family, good fun.

January 12– Feb 6 will be spent in the Dominican Republic in an apartment in Cabarete. We are excited and nervous all at the same time. I for one have been saying “all I need to do business is my internet”. Well here is my chance to try out my theory. Wish me luck.

Thank you Isagenix for the vehicle to live out our dreams. We are truly blessed!

Welcome to the following new team members (all who have joined us in just the past 30 days!):


Angela from Alberta          Yvonne M from Alberta      

Shirley from Alberta          Gail M from Alberta   

Doreena B from Ontario    Margaret T from Alberta

Chantal C from Alberta     Christine L from Alberta

Scott B from Alberta          Sheila M from Alberta

Nadine M from Alberta     Penny K  rom Alberta

Beverly F from Alberta

Catherine & Verlyn from Wisconsin

Congratulations team! Keep up the great work team!

To find out how you can be a part of this amazing team that is growing and shrinking at the same time, go to www.HeyYouGetReal.com and click on WEALTH.

Links to read more about our adventure:


December in Florida

Did you know…




To be truly healthy it is important to be good to yourself. Treat yourself with love and respect.




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Testimonial of the Month  ~  Darlene H,  Alberta

Traveling update


So funny things happen along the way.  We were just driving along the freeway, not even speeding (so Dywayne says) and all of a sudden the gauges go all whacky. And the tack gets stuck!

So what do we do? Well we log on to the AMA website, we find the nearest approved service station (that is an online feature!) We call them and the mechanic says, bang on the dashboard. So we did, nothing happened. So my amazingly creative husband stuck a zip strip in the hole where the odometer rest button is and flicked it until it went back into place. It only sustained minor damage! (see pic below) LOL!

Text Box: We are so happy and grateful now that each day when we wake up we are able to truly say that we are living our dreams. We are being a family  and enjoying our time together. We are helping others gain control of their lives using Isagenix as a wonderful tool. We are truly blessed to be living the life we are. Thank you everyone!

Please forward this newsletter to anyone who you feel might be inspired

~ We noticed that the only tall buildings in Daytona Beach are the hotels along the ocean.

~ Isagenix is so easy, we met new clients in the hot tub of our resort (welcome to the team Catherine and Verlyn!)

~ We love meeting new friends on the beach.

~ We saw a store called “Nudist’s Paradise—Where the nudist can shop in confidence” And we just wondered what do nudists buy in Florida? We both giggled and said “sunscreen”!


Things that make us smile while travelling.

Christmas morning at Daytona Beach and our tissue paper tree.




Text Box: Benjamin Disreali said...
Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think. 
Leadership calls

So for the next couple of months, the calls will be role playing calls. They will be a great opportunity for you to hear and to practise what to say to people.

Our next calls will be:

Sunday, February 3
Sunday, February 10 
Sunday, February 17
Sunday, February 24
**Calls time has changed
6 PM PST     7 PM MST
8 PM CST    9 PM EST

The power of January
Ever wonder what gives January do much power in our culture? History tells us that January was named after Janus, the god of beginning and the guardian of doors and entrances. He was always depicted with two faces, one on the front of his head and on the back. Thus he could look forward and backward at the same time.
Forward and back at the same time...that is what we do isn’t it? I have a lot of friends who pull out their day planner of the last year and reflect on where they have been and where they are going. I have others that excitedly say, well it’s a New Year, fresh start, let’s go. And others who say OMG not another year. 
So what makes some look at January with anticipation and others with regret? It is the person and where they think they are in their life.  Yes where they THINK they are. We are currently only a result of our past. We are who we are today because of where we have been, who we have known and what we have thought.
So while you are sitting there wondering whether your year was a success or not, just remember, you can not change the past, but you can relive it. Ultimately the choice is yours. Sure you can be like Janus and look forward and back, but it will be your choice in which direction you will move. 
Happy New Year my friends!
May the blessings of the universe be yours this year, you truly deserve it.

Puerto Rico Update is now

Dominican Republic Update

Change of plans. We will be in the Dominican Republic from January 12 to Feb 6 instead. Extended family has an apartment there...couldn’t pass up a free months stay!

Text Box: If you asked me what I came here to do, I will tell you that I came to live out loud!
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Our Christmas morning view

Christmas time at the beach. Day 1 in Florida

Day 2 in Florida...an early Christmas present...the wetsuits! 

We needed the wetsuits. The water is quite cold this time of year.

New Years Eve at Daytona Beach with Ang from Carstairs, AB.

Our January Isagenix Business Update


It is January, time to think of doing your taxes. I know many wait until the last minute, but trust me, if you get it set up right, there is none of the OMG feeling. Over the next couple of weeks, Dywayne and I will put together a Tax Tip sheet. This will be based on the advice that our Canadian accountant has given us over the years. Now this will not replace the advice of a good accountant, but it will set you on the right track. Your Isagenix business is a business. You receive many tax advantages to having a home based business. As a teacher, every year I got an income tax refund, not because of anything the accountant at the school board did, but because of always having a home based business. Use the advantages to your benefit. If you are still getting a T4 (that’s a W5 I believe in the USA—it’s your tax break down from your employer) then you are more advantaged than you possibly even knew. The write-offs you have as a business owner are amazing. Like did you know that manicures and pedicures are tax deductions for your business?

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I'm thrilled to have found Isagenix for many reasons. First of all I now feel fantastic, not the tired, cranky, sick, have to miss work because I had to lay in a dark room and shut everyone out, feeling frustrated because my pants didn't fit anymore, kind of person I was before Isagenix. I signed up with Isagenix last February because I was looking for a home based business. Naturally I used the product and there has been no looking back for me. I lose 13 lbs. and 21 inches and I am now making residual income to add to my meagre pension. I've had the added blessing of being able to share this exciting experience with many people who have had some pretty life changing results. Thanks Barbilee for sharing Isagenix with me and setting me on this truly wonderful path.