Thenot-so-finefine print

The 4 basic “to-do’s” of the program.


1. Begin your day with a high grade protein shake (supplied to you as part of your monthly fee).

2. Spend 15 mins a day on your finances (activities to be provided)

3. Have a minimum 30 minute family gathering each week.

4. Be Coachable (yes, you will be assigned a family success coach)

5. Do today what others won’t so that you can do tomorrow what others can’t.


Up to the challenge?

Call the number below and ask to schedule the 10 min

Have it All Family qualification interview.



There is a yearly family enrolment fee of $39. Adult (over 13): approx. $3/day ~ Child: approx. $1.50/day.  Costs are approximate and will be determined before enrolment with your Success Coach.


This program is a partnership of Kim Deep, CMA, &

Barbilee Hemmings, B.A.;B.Ed.

Challenge your family to be a….

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Is your family ready for the

Call today to see if your family qualifies for the Have it All Family Challenge.



· Does your family deserve optimal health?


· Do you desire financial freedom for more flexibility for you and your family?


· Are you ready to do something about it?

In just 90 days, learn how your family may achieve…


Wealth Freedom


Health Freedom


Time Freedom

~ ~ ~

Your family

really can...


Have It All!

Why join the Have It All Family Challenge?


Because your family deserves a...


Have it All Family ChallengeHave it All Family

Financial Coach


To teach you, hands on, how to…


· Reduce debt, without taking on another job

· Set up Allowance that helps your children manage their money

· Create your family’s financial freedom from your grocery budget. (yes you can)

Health Coach


To empower you with the knowledge of the simple steps to...


· Have more energy,

· Sleep better

· Be a “waist” management expert

· Feel better

· Effortlessly handle the pressures of everyday life

Family Success Coach


To show you the simple steps to…


· Improve family harmony and relationships

· Promote open communication

· Create an interactive family unit based on contributions and respect

All included with your membership!