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The Hemmings’ Family Adventure

April 2008

Still in Sunny Florida

I was going to talk about the amazing weather here, but I thought in light of the snow back home (almost a foot since the weekend in Edmonton ,Alberta) I figured it wasn’t appropriate.

I was going to share with you more adventures of ours here, but all I can think of is how truly blessed I am. My family and I are living an amazing life, thanks to the people in my life. Look at the results of our team in this last 60 days. 57 new people since March 2. OMG! Words are not enough to express how truly grateful we are.

Isagenix has been a blessing, yes, the sheer joy we get from helping others is almost...well, I could just burst. I get emails and phone calls on a regular basis from team members who are having great successes (yes, I get the ones who tell me about their struggles as well—but I like to focus on the gratitude ones! LOL)

We have had the true blessing of watching Darlene have a record income week. We have watched as Angela, Janet and Crystal have lit up Lacombe and area. We have seen Chantel help her friends prepare physically for an upcoming wedding, where they are ALL in the wedding party! We heard how Jayne released 8 pounds in 10 days and her daughter released 8 pounds in 9 days! I have heard the excitement from Louise in how simple it is to share Isagenix and help people feel as good as she does. I could go on and on, but truly, the biggest blessing of them all is being able to do all of this, have all these wonderful experiences with my friends and family. Yes, every single one of the team members is our family. They may have come into our lives as friends, but they are now stuck in our hearts.

Paulette, Stephanie, how amazing you two are. So powerful, do kind, so fabulous. The team that we are building, the family that we are creating is so special, we know we could not have done it without your help. We know that with every step we take, you take two. And for that, we will be forever grateful.

I guess, in short, we just want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has blessed our lives even for a moment. The people on our team, the people we met in passing and the people who we have yet to meet. It is because of all of you that we are who we are and where we are. Namaste.

Thank you Isagenix for the vehicle to live out our dreams. We are truly blessed!

Welcome to the following new team members (all who have joined us since March 3!):


Debbie AB                    Sandra AB                      April AB

Margaret AB                 Cristina AB                   Brandon CA

Tina SK                          Joann AB                       Lori AB

Tanis AB                        Bruce & Sherry AB     Rochelle AB

Janelle AB                      Lorie AB                        Randy AB

Elsie AB                         Aimee AB                      Betty AB

Muriel AB                      Mary-Lou AB               Naomi AB

Shauna AB                    Jeanne AB                      Ruth AB

Daryl SK                        Sandra W AB                Kelly AB

Jayne BC                        Kristen BC                    Donna AB

Sandra AB                      Edith AB                        Penny AB

Sharon AB                     Lyle AB                         Skylar AB

Jennifer BC                   Barb P AB                      Dan AB

Diana AB                       Rashea NY                    Ashley AB

Alisa BC                         Heather AB                   John MB

Wendy AB                    Chantelle AB                Terry AB

Donald AB                    Margaret AB                 Lois AB

Debra AB                       Terra SK                         Jodi AB

Randy G AB                          

Barb C (AU—yes that’s Australia!)       Great White North AB

Congratulations team! That is almost one new team member each day!  Keep up the great work!

Links to read more about our adventure:


The Sunshine State!

Did you know…





Ask yourself, “How healthy and I? Do I incorporate elements of health in my life? Fresh air? Pure water? Whole food? Exercise? Rest and Sleep? Deep breathing? Sunshine? Peace?



Fear is crippling. Courage is invigorating. Yet both are the some emotion. It is only the action taken that defines them.

~ Isagenix University ~ June 27-29 ~ Who’s in?

Great Book we Found


We found a little book called Around Miami with Kids and WOW what a find! It lists 68 things to do with the kids most for under $20. It is written by a local family who understands the importance of family time.


Our favourite place so far is Crandon Park Beach. WOW! What an amazing place.  The water is calm, there is a sandbar so you can go hundreds of feet before it gets deep. There are palm trees near the water for shade. There is an old zoo where the birds (Peacocks, wild turkeys, egrets, and more) and lizards are now free to explore. There is an outdoor rollerblading rink, a carousel, a little spray park, cabanas to rent, ball fields and running tracks. All this for $5 a car. WOW!  It is amazing.


When you come to Miami whether you have kids or not, this is a must see location. It is in Key Biscayne right before the state park. 

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Please forward this newsletter to anyone who you feel might be inspired

Go to www.Meetup.com and find your city (either where you live or where you are going). Search the groups and join the ones that intrigue you. Since on the road we have joined numerous groups. We have star gazed, power walked, had French dinners, roller bladed, danced, studied the Law of Attraction and Abraham Hicks, met moms with kids our age, visited the wetlands, played softball, kickball, and pool, celebrated the new moon, went to a water park, and...so much more! We meet “locals” and do what they do. It is amazing!

How to make new friends while you are travelling.

Happy 9th birthday Taylor Rae!




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“You are never given a wish without the power to make it come true.”
Leadership calls

WOW! Have you been on these calls? OMG! I can’t believe we get this training for FREE! What an amazing mentor we have!

Every weekday morning at 7 PST (10EST) there is a 20 min. leadership call. You will be inspired to move forward with your Isagenix day. Everyone is welcome. 

Email me and let me know that you will be joining us and I will send you the contact information. 

Trust me, if you are serious about success in your life these calls are the quickest way there!

We are heading back to Edmonton
Happy and sad around the same situation. WOW! That is eye opening isn’t it/ It is just a situation, but I can choose to be happy or sad around it. It is what it is until I give it  my feelings. That is always fun to discover!

So happy because we will be glad to reunite with old team members and new. We will see our family and friends and meet family members we haven’t even met yet!

Sad because this first leg of our adventure is over. We won’t have the option of “going to the beach” everyday.

Happy because we are regrouping for our next winter in either Australia or Hawaii, sad because we have to leave the sun right now.

Life is fun, isn’t it?

Rydel and Taylor Rae

The girls have grown so much this last year. If you haven’t supported the girls yet (with words or a purchase) please visit http://www.heyyougetreal.com/kidsdomakecents.htm

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The power of the Universe in our hands.

In the mangroves

So there is a tree, in the middle of the ocean, growing on a bridge, with no dirt, no ground, only concrete and the sun. Nature is amazing. It wanted to grow, so it did. It did not feel confined by the “rules” of growing...it just grew because it wanted to. 

Our Isagenix Business Update

          Thank you, thank you, thank you!  This team is simply amazing. We are growing at an exponential rate, soon everyone’s dreams will come true. Dream with us, dream big and dream often!

       Celebration is August 3-5, 2008 in Las Vegas. Our goal is to have 30 team members along side of us celebrating our successes. Will you be one of them? 

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In June, it’s Darlene H and I and...will it be you, too?

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. ”

Nelson Mandela

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Snorkelling in the Florida Keys