Barbilee Hemmings, B.A.;B.Ed. Family Success Coach
Barbilee is a wife, a mother, a best friend and most of all a real
person. Her formal training took her to University to get a couple
of degrees, a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education. Her
informal training taught her about life.

Barbilee has spent many years working with and training under
some of the most influential people of our time, Jack Canfield, Dr
John Gray, T Harv Eker, Dr Reverand Michael Beckwith, Bob
Proctor and others.

Barbilee has turned her passion of helping, teaching and inspiring
others to GET REAL into full time her business.

Barbilee and her team of professionals cover a range of services,
: Health Coaching,
: Family Wellness Coaching, for kids, parents, couples
: Financial Coaching, including seminars and camps,
: Business Coaching,
: Goal Setting
...Just to name a few!

AND more importantly, they teach others how use the resources
so that they too can experience
for their family.

1. Teach Your Kids the New F-Words...Financial Freedom!
2. Money Matters to Kids
3. Food Rules! Your family's 12 Week Program to Living Right!

Seminar Secrets, the Magic Behind the Stage, the Top 10
Secrets Every Trainer Must Kno

1. Family Matters
2. Money Matters
3. Camp Millionaire for kids
4. Money Rules! Money Camp for Teens
5. And more.

Who is Barbilee?
Real Families
Real Results!
info @
Canada 780.240.6823
U.S. 925.2(46.5326)

Many people ask me about my titile…Family Success Coach, what does that

Basically people tell me that after working with me for a very short time they are
happier, healthier and more financially stable than ever before. They say that
because of my simple tips and coaching, they are more confident to make better
decisions. I love every minute of what I do. One of my favourite parts of my day
is when I get to teach other moms how to do what I do (it is SOOOOO simple) so
that they too can work from home and set their family up for wealth, health and
time freedom. It is all just a system.

I am a mom first, a wife second and a retired school teacher third. My formal
training? I have a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor or Education with a
Specialization in Special Education. Yes, I have a couple of degrees behind my
name, but really those are just letters. I paid for them but they did not give me
"experience". My informal training? Life. And that makes all the difference.

I have worked with families my entire life. Before I began my teaching career, I
was an avid volunteer with family programs offered in our city. I have been
blessed for many years to be able to watch how families interact and that affects
behaviours in the entrie family. When I retired from teaching (at age 35) I went to
work with one of the largest personal growth and development training companies
in the world, Peak Potentials Training. I was along side of T Harv Eker for over 3
years and working and studying with Dr John Gray (Men are from Mars Women are
from Venus) Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul author) and many other
amazing individuals.

My passion is helping families. I teach families how about how simple wealth,
health and time freedom really is. I am not a doctor, I am not a nutritionist, nor
am I any "formally trained" financial planner, what I am is a mom who worked hard
trying to figure out a very simple system to help her family. And that is what I do
and that is what I share, I help other families figure out a very simple plan to get
on the right track mentally, physically and financially.

If you feel that I resonate with you and your family values, then all we need to do
is have a short phone conversation and we can decide whether I have what you
are looking for and vice versa. I interview all my potential partners before I begin
working with them one on one.

Let's chat.