You know you want to!
You...only better
Imagine this...
Your big day. An amazing partner waiting for you, all
your friends and family happy to be there, and you,
looking exactly the way you want to look. Lean and
lovely. Your ideal weight, your ideal body size, in the
perfect dress that fits you exactly right. You love your
new look, you love yourself even more today than you
did yesterday. You can now move forward with your
new family knowing that you are the best you that you
can be. You are ready to be and stay
So what brought you here?
Are you tired of being overweight?
Are you tired of being tired all the time?
Are you feeling that there is a better you inside but you just
don't know how to let her out?

Well, here is your answer. Here is "the thing" that you have
been looking for. Here is how you can...

The only program of it's kind. The only program that is guaranteed to work, with
you and for you. It is the only program to give you your very own
coach during your entire program, someone to guide you, coach you,
encourage you and most of all celebrate your successes with you! However, our
personally designed nutritional cleansing program
isn't for everyone. It's really
It is only for people who are willing to make a change. It is only for
people who know that if they keep doing the same things over and over again
they will get the same results.
It's only for people who truly want to be better.
You have to want it. You have to really want it. So I ask you,
Do you want to be better?
How do you get started?

1. You email us to set up phone consultation.
2. You get a 25 minute free phone consultation to find out what program is
best for you and your goals.
3. You begin your
Feel Better Naked program with your own personal full-
time health and wellness coach.
What do you HAVE to do on this program? Nothing!

What can you
This is NOT a DIET program.
This is a "LIVE IT" program.
9 Day Program
2 Shake Days
2 Cleanse Days
5 Shake Days
2 Cleanse Days
Shake for/with your own breakfast
snack (your own food)
lunch (your own food)
snack (your own food)
shake for/with your own dinner
snack (your own food)
Cleansing drink for breakfast
Snack (2X before next drink)
Cleansing drink for lunch
Snack (2X before next drink)
Cleansing drink for dinner
Snack (2X before next drink)
Cleansing drink before bed
Is this program for you?
I don't know. All I know is, if you email us, you get a free consultation with a
trained health and wellness coach who will spend about 25 minutes with you,
asking questions about your total health and wellness and then give you an
honest, professional opinion. Then you decide if you truly want to be better.
aka Feel Better Naked!
You know you want to!
Contact us to schedule your free consultation
30 Day Program
6 Shake Days
1 Cleanse Days REPEAT OR
5 Shake Days
2 Cleanse Days REPEAT
Look the Way You Want to
Look on Your Wedding Day
Real Families
Real Results!
Canada 780.240.6823
U.S. 925.2(46.5326)