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How many of you are comfortable with your finances?

How many of you can truly teach your kids about money?

How many of you know you need some help?

That is where I was about 4 years ago. I knew I needed a "financial IQ", problem was,
I really didn't know how to get one. I was "pretty happy", I had a good steady job
but I knew I wanted more in my life. I knew learning about money was important but I
didn't know where to go or who to ask...

At first, I thought, "OOOHH I'll go work in a bank, surely they know about money!" But
then I thought about it and, well, I already had a job...I was a teacher! So as any
good teacher would do, I gave myself the same advice I would have given my


And look it up I did, I went to the nearest book store and picked up the skinniest,
prettiest book I could find in the "finances section" (hey, I wanted to ease into
this...nothing too difficult you know...I wanted to make sure I could handle it!).

I found this cute little purple book that was nice and skinny (my kind of read!) called
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki...that book changed my life!

I liked learning about money so much I had to go find out more!

So I went back to the bookstore and I found...

Think and Grow Rich...

then I went back for another one...The Wealthy Barber...

then another one...
Multiple Streams of Income...


There is an ABUNDANCE of information out there!

Well now I was addicted!! I read books - big ones, little ones, thick ones, thin ones,
AND I attended
seminars, evenings, daytime, on weekends, even BOOT CAMPS! - I
listened to tapes and CD's, I watched DVD's, I took teleclasses, I did webinars, I
even left my teaching job, (YES, my "secure-pension-when-I'm-old-guaranteed-
to-get-paid" teaching job) to work with a multi-millionaire who was teaching this
stuff! OMG! I KNOW!

I spent years researching and reading and listening and asking...and guess what I
found out?

Are you ready for it?

Do you have a pen and paper?

Okay then...

I learned that there are only 10..
YES ONLY 10 simple steps to financial freedom!

Everyone says it, everyone teaches it everyone KNOWS it...

And now you will too! (My pleasure!)

* Being Rich is Habit Forming! - Who wants to pick up that habit?

* Being Broke is Temporary, Being Poor is a State of Mind. - Yes...it is all in your

* Either you Control Money or it Controls YOU! - Now I don't know about you, but
I'll admit it...I am a control freak...
* Leaders Earn a HECK of a Lot More Than Followers. - Do you want to be in
the lead?

* It is Better to Tell your Money Where to go Than ask it Where it Went! - It is
so simple...

* Pay Yourself First! - Yes, I know, but even though you "have heard that one
before" what are you actually doing about it?
* Assets Put Money INTO Your Pocket, Liabilities Take Money OUT! - Well DUH!
You knew that, but do you really know the difference? Think about your house...

* Get Your Money Working Hard for You so You Don't Have to Work So Hard
For Your Money!
- How? Very good question...Answers inside!

* It is NOT How Much You Make, It Is How Much You Keep! - This determines
your financial success!

I KNOW, I KNOW...that's only 9...

Come on I gotta leave SOMETHING for the book!

So why do you want this book?
Oh you don't just WANT this book...


Can you get this information elsewhere?

Of course you can!

Am I giving you
"never-been-heard-before-earth-shattering-call-the-media-this-is-HUGE" news?

Do I say "this is the ONLY way to your financial freedom"? Now that would be silly!




Guess what? These ideas are not new, they are just "newly presented".

Remember I am a teacher FIRST! I learned all this SECOND. So as a teacher, I took
my knowledge, and did what any good teacher would do, I turned it into a


(just 10 easy activities - yes, activities - what did you just think you were going to
open up the book and a million dollars were going to fall out?)


(the first draft was written for parents to talk to their kids about money...so if kids
can do it...)


(because we have too much "work" in our lives already)

So in this 32 page e-book
(OMG! Only 32 pages including the cover to your Financial
you get what you need to know about making and more importantly
KEEPING money!

Do you HAVE to buy this book? Nope...you can ALWAYS...

...Read ALL the books of Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker, David Chilton, Robert Allen,
David Bach, and any of the other financial geniuses out there,

(But I already did that!)

...You can spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars attending their seminars

(Yup...did that too!)

...You can even spend hours on-line looking for some "FREE" financial advice

(ewwww, did that once...learned my lesson!)

Or you can CLICK THROUGH NOW and for just $30

you get the condensed "reader's digest"/ "Cole's notes" version on how to secure
your own

North America is in a financial crisis...

...over 85% of North Americans are just one paycheque away from some form of
social assistance.

...over 90% of North Americans retire BELOW the poverty line.

...when there is divorce, on average, a woman's income goes DOWN 40% where as a
man's goes up 60-80%?

...out of 100 people over the age of 65,

* 36 are dead,
* 54 are broke,
* 5 are still working,
* 4 are comfortable and
* 1 is rich (NY Times)

Where is your family headed?

Before you make a decision perhaps you are asking yourself,

"What's in it for me?"

Glad you asked...

You get what you have always wanted...

You get to dream again...

You get to live...


I KNOW...how cool is that?

because you never get back this moment...

or this one...

or this one...

What are you still doing here?

$30?...$30?...$30!...I know I can't believe it myself!

Why haven't you ordered yet?

Oh...you want to know what special
"BONUSES" you get for buying today...Well

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you, FREE! It's my pleasure.

So if you are still reading this then the only real question is "which credit card will you
be using?"

Best of Success,
Barbilee Hemmings, M.O.M; B.A.;B.Ed


Oh and by the way, if you refer a friend to buy a book also, I will give them ALL the
same bonuses that you get...AND you get an extra hug when we meet! I KNOW! My

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I'm a single mom with 2 teenage boys. Who has time to read all the
"great" books out there? When I saw Barbilee's ad, I figured, why not,
it's $30! I've spent $30 on worse things! What I didn't count on was
the amazing simplicity of this playbook. Yes, it is a playbook! It didn't
seem like work at all. My boys and I are doing it together! How cool to
be able to use simple, easy to understand strategies and activities to
teach me and my boys the importance of using the right F-Words!
Amber, mom of 2
The family and I have been using the book for about a year now. The
kids have more financial sense than I ever had. Bless you Barbilee for
presenting it to us in a simple yet very effective format. We do our
"jars" every week. I pay my kids their "salary" and I NEVER have to say
no! I think that is the best part. Oh, and BTW, my oldest, just bought
his first car...with his own money!
Pat, dad of 3
I just wanted you to know that my mom knows what she is talking
about. On August 1, 2007 we began our Family Adventure. We are
spending the next few years travelling around the world...because like
I said, she knows what she is talking about, because my family does
what is in this book, because we use the FWORDS around our
house...all the time!
Rydel (Barbilee's Daughter)
So you want a money back guarantee do you? Well, we have
one...You won't use it...but we have one!

We guarantee that by following our simple program, you will be rich,
someday, or we will refund your money!

That is our guarantee!

Actually, if you feel that you have completely 100% wasted your
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means contact us and we will refund your money.
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