Does Money Make
Cents to your Kids?
Do you or your kids suffer from
"iwantitinitis"? You know...I want
this, I want that?
Real Families
Real Results!
You are never too young to think about money.

You are never too young to talk about money.

You are never too young to learn about money.

You are never too young to...be rich!

Hi! We are Rydel and Taylor Rae. We wrote this book for two reasons.

1. We wanted other kids to know the simple steps we took to earning our own income

2. We wanted another way to earn residual income (you know that income that
comes from you doing the work once and getting paid over and over again?)

Our mom has been teaching us about money for about 6 years now (did I mention
that we are just 14 and 10?). Money is ALWAYS discussed in our home and we like it
that way.

Mom never says to us "we don't have enough" or "we can't afford that" she always
asks us questions like "how can we earn more" or "what an we do to afford that?" We
like that because it makes us think.

And think we did.

We thought about writing this book so that you could learn from our experiences.
Mom helped us with the spelling and stuff but mostly we did this book. It was one of
our home schooling projects on our first big trip.

Yeah trip, you see, because of what my mom knows and teaches in her ebooks
(Teach Your Family the New F-Words and Food Rules) we have already taken some
prety fabulous trips...10 months traveling around the southern US, Mexico and the
Carribean, crusies, months in Florida, and that is only in the last couple of years.
What will you learn in our book?

* How to dream

* What you really want

* the 3 types of income

* How we did it

* Profit vs Loss

* How to earn easy money in 6 lessons

* How to earn "not-so-easy" money in 1 lesson

* The BIGGEST lies our grandparents told our parents

* AND what to do with all that info
Do you earn your own money?

Do you want to be in control of your own income?

WE DO and WE ARE, sure mom and dad still help out, but really they let us make most
of our own decisions and we get to use our own money for our own stuff. It is so

Read this book. You will be glad you did. Your parents will be glad you did.
Some of the cool things that we are doing now that are not in the book:
I do some data entry for small business owners
I do "child labour" when mom has a trade show or something, you know
fold brochures, cut things out, "child labour" stuff!
I import prayer bracelets from Katmandu and sell them with my teen
group as a fundraiser and other stuff too!
Rydel age 14
I like that mom taught me how to ask myself the questions:
"what can I do?"
"How can I earn my own money?"
"How can I earn money to get the things I want?"
How can I get everything I want?"
Taylor Rae age 10
I have to say, Rydel and Taylor Rae did an awesome job on this book.
They did a great job of describing how they have earned thier money
and how you can too. Really, I checked the grammar, and added a few
details, but it was all them.
Barbilee (mom)
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U.S. 925.2(46.5326)