Being rich is habit forming.
Being broke is temporary,
being poor is a state of mind.
Either you control money or it
controls you!
Leaders earn a heck of a lot
more than followers.
It is better to tell your
money where to go than ask
it where it went!
Assets put money into your
pocket, liabilities take money
Get your money working hard
for you, not you working so
hard for your money.
Pay yourself first!
It is not how much money
you make that determines
your financial future, it is
how much you keep!
Your banker will NEVER ask
to see your report card!
My Money System

10% Future Fun

10% Let's Give

10% Let's Play

10% Education

10% Big Dreams

50% My Necessities

** Remember the habit of
managing your money is
more important than the
amount **
Books I quoted from

Teach Your Family the New F-Words by Barbilee Hemmings

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder (p 175)
"The ancient prosperity law is this: true prosperity has a spiritual basis. God is
the source of your supply. Your mind, body, abilities, talents, education,
experience, job or profession are all instruments and channels of your proserity,
but God is the source. Therefore, you must do something definate and
consistetn to keep in touch with that rich source, if you want to be
consistently prospered."

*On the back page of my ebook is a listing of some of the MANY books that I
have read and studied.

QUOTE FROM BB KING: "The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can
ever take it away from you"

MY AFFIRMATION: I do not depend upon persons or conditions for my
prosperity. God is the source of my supply, so I now put God first financially. I
tithe my way to prosperity. The voluntary, faithful tithing of my whole income
now operates the law of every increading prosperity for me. Yes, I now tithe
my way to peace, health and plenty!

Kim Deep
Kim's 5 Steps to

1. Track the

2. Systemize it,
use the jars

3. Spend 15 mins/
day on it.

4. Talk about it
with your family.
Get on track with
your family.

5. Keep the
Health, Wealth and
Freedom Team
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Real Results!
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