What you don't know MAY
truly be hurting you!
Your family deserves to know how
STOP digging their own graves
with their knives and their forks!
Real Families
Real Results!
Are you comfortable with your food choices for your family?

Can you truly teach your kids about "healthy eating?


I will be the first to admit that my family was "junk food junkies"!

Monday 2 for 1 at the sub shop
Tuesday 1/2 price pizza at the pizzaria
Wednesday, well that was wings & things night - home made, deep fried french fries,
wings and potato skins
Thursday pasta night, usually something saucy and cheesey...really cheesey
Friday tacos/hamburgers/or something with ground beef
Saturday "free for all" or leftovers
And Sunday, well, Sunday I'd put in a roast or chicken or something "good", it was
Sunday afterall.

That was pretty much our life. Week after week.

Sound familiar?


I won't go into all the "details", but my health declined, my kids were sick all the time
and well, I didn't like who I was becoming. Something needed to change.

So I did what any good teacher would do (oh yeah, did I tell you that I am a
teacher? I even taught health class for YEARS! Irony!) So, I did what any good
teacher would do, I decided to TEACH myself what "healthy eating" really meant.
My search begun! I started where anybody would start...the Canada Food guide
and the FDA Food Pyramid. I checked it out, wow, so if we just ate that...we would
be fine...


NOT! More research into both those documents led to doing more research about
our food supply. Don't even get me started! (CLICK HERE if you want to learn more
about that!)

AND I saw how much food we truly had to eat...according to THEM to be healthy.

I learned about the RDA (which has changed names many times over the years but
it still means..."required-daily-amount-so-you-will-stay-just-above-not-sick". That's
right, not healthy, not energetic, not brilliant...just "not sick".)

Well that wasn't it.

I read books on vitamins, minerals, farming, diets, nutrition, anything that was
related to food and health.

The information out there was OVERWHELMING! There are literally 100's of 1000's of
books on food, nutrition, healthy eating, etc...it made my head spin. Again,
OVERWHELMED! I needed to keep it simple.

I know I needed a
SYSTEM for my family to create their own "Food
You know, we had to have something in place to make our own
good decisions. We needed to know the basics to be better.

Being the teacher that I am, I did all the research, then I created a "lesson plan" for
my family. Just like I teach anything to my students, I taught my family in baby
steps. We started with breakfast and evolved from there.

This "lesson plan" turned into a 12 week guide to our family's FOOD RULES!


With all my research, we decided to pick just one thing per week and stick with
that. And once we did that...and didn't die...(because goodness gracious, dying
could have very well changed EVERYTHING LOL!) we just moved on to another

Before we knew it we added a high grade nutritional supplement program to our
diet, we CHOSE to eat in more often AND we learned to prepare food...no really, we
learned how to prepare food to be eaten, NOT deep fried, NOT smothered in sauce,
NOT broiled to nothing...prepared to be eaten.

We made a few VERY SIMPLE CHANGES and our lives CHANGED!

What kind of CHANGES you ask...
Read this ebook and find out. Each page of this amazing little rule book empowers
your family with the "baby steps" we took to get our family off junk food and on the
right track.

* WEEK 1 ~ Live It Don't Diet

* WEEK 2 ~ Better is Easy

* WEEK 3 ~ Fast Food is GOOD For You

* WEEK 4 ~ Change is Good

* WEEK 5 ~ Everything in Moderation

* WEEK 6 ~ Education is the Key

* WEEK 7 ~ Real Body = Real Food

* WEEK 8 ~ Don't Say NO Just because you don't KNOW

* WEEK 9 ~ Lunch is all about the WOW!

* WEEK 10 ~ Practice Makes Permanent

* WEEK 11 ~ Just Do It!

* WEEK 12 ~ You CAN do It!
Do not think for a second that I am giving you "never-been-heard-before-earth
-shattering-call-the-media-this-is-HUGE" news? UM...not!

Did I say "this is the ONLY way to your "healthy future"? Now that would be silly!




Guess what? These ideas are not new, they are just "newly presented".

Remember I am a teacher FIRST! I learned all this SECOND. So as a teacher, I took
my knowledge, and did what any good teacher would do, I turned it into a


(just 12 easy activities - yes, activities - what did you just think you were going to
open up the book and a persoanl chef and nutritionist were going to fall out?)


(there are lots of pictures.)


(because we have too much "work" in our lives already)

So in this 14 page e-book you get what you need to know about making healthy
food choices for you and your family.

Do you HAVE to buy this book? Nope...you can ALWAYS...

...Read A TON OF books on nutrition, diets, vitmains, minerals, and any of the other
financial geniuses out there,

(But I am already doing that!)

...You can spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars attending seminars and
upgrade your training,

(Yup...doing that too!)

...You can even spend hours on-line looking for some "FREE" advice

(ewwww, did that once...learned my lesson!)

Or you can CLICK THROUGH NOW and for less than $30

you get the condensed "reader's digest"/ "Cole's notes" version on how to secure
your own

North America is in a health crisis...

...more than ever our families are experiencing the unfortunate consequences of
unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical exercise, and the continual bombardment of
dangerous often deadly toxins from our every changing environment,

...in today's society we are continually exposed to over-processed, chemically
preserved, genetically altered and nutritionally bankrupt foods in the home and away,

...at every stage of life we are in desperate need of high grade nutrients to feul our
bodies and brains

...if we are what we eat then we are in BIG TROUBLE! Poor quality foods are standard
issue in most =households, schools and restaurants.

Where is your family headed?

What will your family's health be like in the next 5 - 10 years if you
continue on the path you are currently on?

I will tell you what happened to our family in just 4 short years with the right info...

MOM - dropped 42 pounds ~ kept it off for 4 years now ~ removed all her
prescription meds (under her doctor's care of course) ~ maybe 5 sick days in 3
years ~ pharmaceutical free for 4 years (not even an asprin) and happy, yes happy!

DAD - GAINED 8 pounds of lean muscle ~ only well days ~ can out play his nephew
(who is half his age) in ball hockey 2 shifts to 1 ~ stronger than ever

KIDS ~ building lean muscle ~ strong ~ brilliant ~ very few sick days ~ joyous

And did I mention that we are all happy? We really are. Because we make our own
better food choices, we feel fabulous we really do.


because you never get back this moment...

or this one...

or this one...

What are you still doing here?

$29.92 to get your family on track

$29.92 to put health back into your life

$29.92 to empower your family with the right info.

So what are you waiting for?

Best of Success,
Barbilee Hemmings, M.O.M; B.A.;B.Ed


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family's life?
I cried last night. I cried because my 10 year old didn't call me into the
tub to help her "wash". You see, for as long as I can remember I have
had to come into the bathroom and help her wash the folds of her
skin, she was so overweight, she couldn't even reach. Now, tonight,
she got in and out with out me. I looked at her with curious eyes and
she said with a smile, "I can reach mama, I can do it all by myself. I
guess I am getting skinnier!". Thank you Barbilee
Heather, mom of 1
Cars come with manuals, video games come with manuals, but our very
own bodies, they don't. We are supposed to "figure it out as we go!" I
trusted the media for too long. I am so thankful for Barbilee's book. It is
simple and family friendly. You sure can tell she is a mom and a teacher.
I have to say, when we started I couldn't even imagine making even just
one change a week so I emailed Barbilee and asked her where we should
begin. She told me breakfast. So for the first while we focused on only
breakfast. And the rest of our lives changed.
Colleen mom of 2
So after reading Barbilee's book, I started looking at the labels of what
I am feeding my kids. OMG! I found out a very popular "healthy"
breakfast cereal has TSP in it! YES TSP! TSP is also a mold and mildew
remover. OMG, this is one of the first cereals I gave to my children.
But I never knew. It was advertised on tv...how could I have known?
But no more excuses. I know now. My family food is my responsibility.
Charlotte, mom of 3
I got a new husband! I got a new husband! And I didn't even
have to dump the one I have! Barbilee, since starting with you,
my "lay-down-after-work-no-help-with-the-dishes-nap-before-
dinner-be-in-bed-by-10" husband is now my "come-home-from-
- kids-AND-bath-them-too-in-bed-by-11" husband!! The kids
love the shakes (even the baby), I love the shakes and I can't
wait to start my full cleaning program when I stop nursing..
Allison mom of 3
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