Is this really the life you signed up for?
STEP 1: DECIDE that your family needs to be better starting TODAY.

STEP 2: BOOK an in-home Playshop for you and your friends.

STEP 3: DO IT. Now. If not now when? If not this then what?

This 90 minute playshop is designed by professionals to get your family on
the right track with your health and your money.

You will walk away from each playshop with:
~ your very own healthy eating food plan.
~ the beginning of your "no-emotion" money management system for you
AND the kids,
~ education, inspiration and the start to your FAMILY PLAN.

After successfully completing the playshop, you will your choice of one of
our top selling eBooks (a $29.92 value) FREE (so yes, bascially I am paying
you to attend!)
Choose from:

~ Food Rules is designed for busy families to get them on the right track
with simple and easy to implement healthy ideas.


Teach Your Kids the New F-Words - Financial Freedom is a playbook
for the whole family to introduce and inspire the rules of the money game.

AND all attendees will have the opportunity to purchase our other products
and services at a much discounted rate for 90 days from their playshop.
You even get a discount on some of our partners as well!
or $20for
you and your
guests if you
host a
If you know that your family needs to be better...
If you know your family wants more out of life...
If you know that you have to change something NOW...
If you are ready to make some very small
but very significant changes in your life...

Then you are invited to host your very own


This is not a "Quick Fix". There is no "Magic Pill".

All we offer is a simple, family friendly, usable plan that has shown
hundreds of busy families how to take control of their future.

If you are ready for a solid, simple, family friendly, personalized plan

...then STEP UP NOW.
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"work". Well
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there is truly
enough work
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it's just
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Playshop FAQs:

1. Is this one of those "someone who thinks they know everything gets
in front of the room and tells me what a bad parent I am" things?
NO! These playshops are interactive. Parents are given the tools and then the
time to create their very own "MY FAMILY MATTERS" plan.

2. What do I need to bring?
Bring pen, paper and a list of your family's favourite meals. Spend a few
minutes before hand with the family getting that list together.
Bring your most recent bank statement and CC statements OR a list of your
monthly income and expenses.

3. Is this for real?
YES! There is even a money back guarantee.
Family Matters
Real Families
Real Results!
Canada 780.240.6823
U.S. 925.2(46.5326)
Playshops are scheduled weekly OR if you prefer,
get a group of your friends together and host
one in your home or office and save $5 a person!
for information
about our